Checking into a guesthouse could yield far more than a room with a view in B&B OF LOVE, Fremantle Netherlands’ Head of Development Hidde Pel tells Karen Hockney.

There can only be one vacancy as single B&B owners open their doors and their hearts in the search for a life partner in Holland’s freshest new dating show.

B&B OF LOVE follows six single B&B owners living abroad looking for love,” explains Hidde Pel, Head of Development at Blue Circle, The Netherlands.

“They have ended up alone and reach out to their home country in order to find love.”

B&Bs in Holland’s favourite holiday destinations were deliberately chosen. “It’s an achievable dream, so the familiarity of the locations was very important,” adds Hidde. “The timing was good and this was a major factor in the show’s success.”

Playing out against glorious backdrops

in Austria, Italy, Portugal and France, this unique concept aired as 28 episodes on RTL4, Holland’s biggest commercial network, with a target audience of 20–54 year olds. Viewers loved the first series, and it drew audiences of over a million per episode, attracting a vibrant social media following.

With high stakes and life-changing decisions at the heart of B&B OF LOVE, potential new partners arrived one by one. They had a big role to play in running the B&B, still open for business, while hoping for a spark of chemistry with the owner and working out if this was a way of life that could suit them.

“That generated very natural, organic moments of interaction between owners and their suitor,” says Hidde. “They had to shop, cook, clean, remodel and do DIY.”

Rather than send them on constructed dates, the cameras follow their daily progress. With suitors arriving on separate days, the arrival of suitor number three is a signal for the B&B owner to decide who would be sent home.

With series two already commissioned by RTL for summer 2022, Belgium’s VTM has also ordered 16 weekly primetime episodes. Sharing the relationships and reality DNA of worldwide sensation The Farmer Wants A Wife, with the added aspiration of starting a new life in a new country, B&B OF LOVE is set to run and run.

Want to hear more? Then watch the video below.

“All the contributors are willing to take a leap of faith to find the love of their life, and in this show that means leaving your life behind to move abroad with a new life and business partner.”- Hidde Pel, Blue Circle, The Netherlands