Mind over matter

The intense new reality show DAREDEVIL DUO from Blu in Denmark, marries insightful science with thrilling entertainment while examining the astounding capabilities of the human body. Katrine Herforth talks Gabriel Tate through the action.

Debuting in spring 2021 on Danish public broadcaster DR1, DAREDEVIL DUO pushes young, fit celebrities to the limit as they face a series of formidable physical challenges.

Each standalone show forces a male and female participant way out of their comfort zones in extreme trials ranging from cliff diving to ice swimming through to a huge ultra run.

Over a few days, they are guided by an expert mentor to learn the necessary techniques and conquer their fears.

Their performance is highlighted by graphics that track the impact on their bodies, as well as their strengths, weaknesses and improvements over the course of the training.

The big pay-off comes when they attempt the task itself

– one that, according to Katrine Herforth, Head of Reality, Lifestyle and Factual Entertainment at Blu, has just enough danger to induce that “don’t do this at home feeling.”

“It’s not so much if they complete it perfectly, but how close they get to it and how far they have come,” she says.

In the Danish series, two celebrities feature across the whole run: footballer-turned-sports reporter Josefine Høgh and Andreas Mogensen, the first Dane in space and, according to Katrine, “a true superhuman.”

“We wanted a celebrity duo known for their physicality and an interest in testing their bodies,” she adds. “They can be celebrity couples, friends or even strangers, but if they know each other, the camaraderie adds value.

The important note is to make sure that the duo have a natural urge or fear towards the challenge to make the episode as dynamic as possible.”

Scalable and equally achievable on high or low budgets, DAREDEVIL DUO is an action-packed format to entertain, inform and, believes Katrine, encourage us to explore our own limitations. “It inspires us all to try new things, to push our own bodies and minds to do what we thought was impossible.”