Toby Earle investigates how Fremantle’s unparalleled success in attracting performing talent, continues to feed Europe’s longest-running entertainment extravaganza.

A top-ranking Douze Points is the score Fremantle would be awarded for its track record in producing and polishing acts that go on to have major success at Europe’s biggest and longest-running entertainment extravaganza.

All-conquering, leather-trousered Italian rockers Måneskin are the latest act to have transitioned from The X Factor to Eurovision champions, with their thumping song ‘Zitti e Buoni’ (‘Shut Up and Behave’).

After a nailbitingly close national juries’ round, Måneskin won the 2021 edition with a massive surge of public votes, subsequently topping charts across Europe and beyond.

Thirty-three nations at Eurovision have been represented by 63 former contestants from The X Factor, Got Talent and Idols.

Stephen Flint, Operations Director in Global Entertainment Production, explains why these Fremantle talent shows continue to deliver: “It’s a great stepping-stone and you’re breeding a kind of determination in these contestants. They’re not people who wait for their record company or their publicist to arrange interviews and showcases. They’re taking personal responsibility for their own careers.”

“In countries where these shows offer a higher profile than the recorded music market, the formats provide driven performers with an opportunity to shine and to hone the skills for performing on a global stage.

“These acts are prepared to work hard and take a chance.”

“They’re not afraid of being judged in elimination competitions,” says Stephen. “They’ve had a good experience on these shows and it’s been professionally and personally rewarding. They’re not afraid of the challenge.

The success of these particular talent shows in nurturing such a steady production line of chart-toppers is down to how the formats operate with a clear common vision of quality and purpose. It is essential now for producers to be proactive in the hunt for future stars – they can’t just open the doors to a conference hall and hope people turn up!

“We scout for the best and don’t wait for the talent to come to us,”

confirms Stephen. “We then give them the best platform we possibly can – a great show with great judges which attracts the audiences. Then, if you have a big TV audience, the best contestants come to you.”

“For many of these singers, participation in Europe’s biggest entertainment platform is a career-defining moment. When audiences see them perform on Eurovision, then that promise of changing someone’s life has come true. And it reinforces Fremantle’s proven formula for developing talent, honed over decades, which continues to transform local triumphs into global superstardom.

“When you see these acts on Eurovision, the biggest entertainment platform in Europe, then that promise of changing someone’s life has come true and it’s great to be part of that.” - Stephen Flint, Global Entertainment Production, Fremantle