Famous faces are transformed into dazzling queens in glossy new guessing game MAKE UP YOUR MIND. Herriemakers’ Herald Adolfs and RTL’s Peter van der Vorst reveal all to Toby Earle.

Inspired to transform themselves, celebrities adopt sassy, sequined alter-egos in RTL4’s extravagant celebration of diversity and fabulousness.

In the play-along primetime entertainment format, the novice queens parade their catwalk, dance and lip-syncing skills as two teams of celebrities try to guess their identity – under the critical eye of a professional drag queen jury.

As each celebrity’s identity is revealed, we watch the backstory of the demanding training, rehearsals and challenges that went into the creation of their new drag persona – and their motivations for taking part.

Word-of-mouth made the show a catch-up hit.

MAKE UP YOUR MIND was one of the biggest launches of 2021 and it attracted a lot of younger viewers who don’t watch live TV,” says Herald Adolfs, Creative Director at Herriemakers.

“For two days it was a trending topic on Twitter. It was like a party and people were loving it. The response was beyond our wildest dreams.”

For Peter van der Vorst, Content Director at RTL Netherlands, it’s the show’s blend of inclusivity, creativity and fun that makes it irresistible:

“It exceeded our expectations in many ways. The quality of the performances was really high, and it was more difficult than we thought to find out who was who,” says Peter, “the show has a very positive and inclusive vibe. It really is attractive for everybody.”

“Drag is an art form and it offers so many possibilities,” adds Herald. “It’s larger than life and has no boundaries. There’s a joy of creativity in this show.”

The show’s pursuit of inclusion extends behind the camera to make the show as authentic as possible:

The designers, the make-up artists and the wig makers are all a part of the drag community, which is very important.”

MAKE UP YOUR MIND will return to RTL4 with five new episodes in Spring 2022 – with celebrity targets that will blow Dutch audiences’ minds – and the show is all ready to pack its ultra-fashionable bags for travel. “Once it was released in The Netherlands we immediately had calls from across the world asking if the rights are still available. The interest was huge,” says Herald. Perhaps nearly as big as the queens’ towering heels and hairstyles.

Want to hear more? Then watch the video below.

“We immediately saw that this was more than an ordinary guessing game. This is top entertainment with a clear message of diversity: be who you want to be.” - Herald Adolfs, Harriemakers, The Netherlands

Fabulouser and fabulouser

In conversation with Herriemakers’ Herald Adolfs