this time the clues ARE IN THE MOVES

Paul Riggio welcomes a new generation of masked celebrity performers to the stage, telling Gabriel Tate all about the irresistible spin-off to a worldwide sensation.

Perhaps the only primetime entertainment format to consistently compete with the singing contest has been the dancing contest.

So when the global phenomenon of Korean format The Masked Singer (now airing in 40 countries and with 3 billion+ viral views and counting) led to a spin-off, THE MASKED DANCER, its instant success in the UK and US came as no surprise.

Fremantle can now produce or license both shows in over 30 EMEA territories.

“It’s not a substitute for The Masked Singer,” says Paul Riggio, Executive Producer in Global Entertainment Production at Fremantle, “rather an opportunity to diversify, support and protect the main brand with a funny, noisy sister series.”

The format retains all the uniquely colourful craziness of its singing counterpart, with a stream of celebrities performing while wearing an extravagant head-to-toe disguise.

This time, however, the clues are in the moves.

Contestants pirouette, tango and jive in spectacular solo, partnered or group performances, whilst, the panel of famous faces turn detective to identify them through a series of cryptic clues while viewers play along at home and every episode climaxes in an unmasking.

“There’s scope to cast across the world of celebrity,” says Paul. “Dance icons, TV award- winners, celebrated athletes, pop singers…”

The difference here is that some of them really do need to be able to dance. And when it comes to casting the detective panel there should be at least one or two celebrities with a background in dance to bring informed comments on a mask’s dancing abilities and the technical difficulties of a performance.

THE MASKED DANCER is flexible in terms of format structure and gameplay, scalable from a one-off special to a short-run stunt series, and it ticks the boxes of a travelling format. No wonder it is generating plenty of interest from territories where The Masked Singer has already attracted huge audiences. As Paul concludes,

"THE MASKED DANCER really is a wonderful, crazy, bizarre, fun, entertaining show.”

“It really is a wonderful, crazy, bizarre, fun, entertaining show.” – Paul Riggio, Global Entertainment Production, Fremantle